about maille
Maille is a material made of interwoven metal rings or links that may be combined with other elements, such as metal plates. A geometric shape-shifter, maille can embody chain, fabric, or complex sculptural forms.


Variously employed in armour and jewellery worn by warriors and kings; in steel shark suits donned by marine biologists; or in collections designed for the runways of Paris and Milan, maille has never gone out of style. Many people have seen heavy chainmail armour in museums or movies, but maille weaves can be as delicate as the scales on a butterfly’s wing.


Most modern maille weaves have evolved from the Japanese, European, or Persian weave families. Each weave family shares certain structural or historical characteristics. The art of weaving maille is currently enjoying a renaissance and ingenious weaves are invented daily.


Japanese Maille


European Maille

         PersianPersian Maille